Technology Futures Forum

Supported by: CRe-AM – EU Funded FP7 Project

Curated by: Factory Futures


Architectural Association School of Architecture – London


The Cre-AM project is a European funded project which is designed to facilitate the generation of roadmaps for the future of technology for the creative industry. The goal is to gather important stakeholders from the creative industries and generate data that will help the European Commission shape and target the research & development landscape of the next decade.
As part of the wide range of the project’s initiatives, the Technology Futures Forum at the Architectural Association in London aimed at mapping trends and weak signals in the architectural sector. The event supported knowledge exchange between researchers, practitioners and technology providers and create a space where to discuss how technology can enhance and enrich the future of the architecture sector.
The event featured a cross section of progressive practices ranging from territorial analysis and landscape strategies, to integrated product delivery and advanced manufacturing. A unique series of short presentations , and roundtable discussions aimed at sharing and mapping the ideas, tools and business models underlying their practices shaping current dynamics of the architectural discipline.