Factory Futures Broadcast



Tommaso Franzolini (Architectural Association)

Fabrizio Ballabio (Architectural Association)

 Integral part of the Factory Futures research initiatives, Factory Futures Broadcast is a public programme of interviews in which converging interests on contemporary industrial landscape are gathered and transmitted to audiences worldwide.

The aim of this project is to raise new forms of awareness on the spatial implications of a data-driven economy by bringing together voices from diverse disciplinary fields around a series of common questions concerning the social values of a European industrial culture, current trends in construction technologies and the factory as a topos.

Insisting on the relevance of the Olivettian project to shape a strong industrial culture in which production and representation are strategically aligned, Factory Futures Broadcast seeks to find new ties between today’s increasingly disjoined practices. Operating via a series of short interviews, the programme aims to bring design professionals, theorists, operators and investors in urban infrastructure and production on a shared public platform.

Factory Futures Broadcast – Proposed dialogues by sector